family session

Three reasons you should have your teen and pre-teen girl photographed and YOU (MOM) should get in front of the camera too!

These girls right here have my heart.  Kim and I became lifelong friends when we were paired as roommates at Ouachita Baptist University 23 years ago. It was a treat for me to photograph her and her daughter recently in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Why should you have your teen girl photographed and jump in the shot too? 

1. Capture the now.  Most of us took thousands of photos of our kids when they were babies and toddlers. We thought everything they did was the cutest thing, and we had to document all of it!  As they grow older, our picture-taking usually tapers off, and we only take the occasional awards assembly/cotillion/birthday photo. We know senior portrait sessions are out there on the horizon, but what about now? What about the once-little-girl that is in between her little girl and young woman stage?  We can't miss this time! (Even if it does include excessive eye rolling and a "slight" attitude here and there.)

2. Pamper her for the day! Let's face it, it's fun to feel glamorous and see beautiful photos of yourself. Block off an afternoon, buy a cute outfit, get your nails done together, have fun with a a makeup session, and then document it in pictures. I'm sure your daughter will love it as much as you! 

3. Mom in the frame. Now it's time for you, MOM, to step in front of the camera for a couple of shots. I know most of us would rather be behind the camera, but the photos of Kim and Madison TOGETHER will be the ones they most treasure down the road.  I am trying my hardest to treasure these days with my own children. My daughter has four years left before college, and I'm going to make it my goal to take more photos of us TOGETHER! 

P.S. - Moms, you need an updated photo of just YOU!

Kim and Madison have a special bond and I think it shows in these images. I hope they will always cherish these pictures of just the two of them. Kim and Madison, you are dear to me, and I love you both!